Baby Khanga Pullon Trouser

$ 10.50

  • Original Kenyan Khanga Material
  • 100% Regional Cotton
  • Availability: In Stock

*Note: Every Khanga has unique color variations and patterns. This ensures that you will receive a unique piece of fashion. This also means that your Khanga will vary from the khanga that is displayed on this page. If you wish to ensure to receive a colour of your liking, please get in touch with us via mail and we will send you some pictures of the Khangas that we have available. Otherwise we will also happily choose a nice Khanga design for you.

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These baby trousers are made of original Kenyan Khanga material. Khanga originated on the coast of East Africa in the mid 19th century. Khangas are popular for their colorful nature. At ONEWAY our 100% cotton Khanga material shines in a new light with variations like these Khanga trousers.

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